Frequently Asked Questions: Residential

Maintenance and Repair

Installations & Warranties

  • Please check the details of your warranty agreement. Often, furnace warranties require proof of regular services by heating professionals, otherwise the warranty doesn’t apply. Aside from the warranty, a properly tuned furnace can save you up to 15% on your energy bills, plus give you the peace of mind of a thorough safely check.

Health and Air Quality

Energy Efficiency


  • Yes, we do. Having your dryer vent cleaned can catch safety problems and improve the energy efficiency of your dryer.

  • Evaluating your current system and your future needs is very important to do early on in your remodeling. You will have the most options while your walls are still open! Call us today to schedule a needs evaluation. Our professionals will explore many issues with you about your needs, such as aesthetics, noise, allergies, safety, energy efficiency and cost.

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